Ryckman Kennels

 requirements for visiting dogs

Please provide the following upon arrival to our facility

-Current vaccination record with Rabies, dhlpp booster and bordetella (kennel cough)

if dropping off for training also include:

-half training deposit in cash or check

-2-3 doses of flea/tick and heartworm prevention

as we are located on and dogs train/play in a rural environment, for ex: Nexgard and Heartgard



We offer Canine Boarding year round. 

Dogs are housed in Indoor/Outdoor Runs which are Climate Controlled inside of their personal inside area. 

We provide Victor or Proplan Dog Food, Bedding and bowls as part of your pup’s stay. 

You are always welcome to Bring your own Food or Bedding if you wish.

Two nature walks are given per day. 

First Bath upon pick up is free for New Clients.

Daily Rate from $27-29

training Programs 


Obedience Training

-Board to Train Program-

Preferred Age at Drop Off is 6-7 months old

On and Off Leash Dog Training with Distractions

Distractions including working around Cats, other Dogs, Chickens and Children. Commands learned are Come - Heel - Sit - Stay - Down

The concept of Leave It is practiced around Cats, Other Dogs and Chickens

General Manners are covered including No Jumping, Nuisance Barking, Nibbling, Etc. We Train the whole family after we Train your dog.

Dogs over 1 year of age may incur an additional training charge.

Victor Dog Food is provided as part of the Program.

Pricing from $1,500.00 to $1,700.00


Retriever Training (includes obedience)

- Board to Train Program-

Preferred Age at Drop Off is 6-7 Months Old

Our Obedience and Retriever Program includes our full Obedience program and then moves into our Retriever Training.

We turn out a finished and Obedient Companion Retriever ready to be hunting at his Master’s side in the field.

We begin with Intro to Retrieve using hand thrown dummies and practicing retrieving repetition.

Dogs are slowly conditioned to gunfire in a controlled environment and then begin working with a dummy launcher. Once proficient on single, double and blind retrieves as well as staying instead of allowing to break while firing. We start live bird work and finish with live and dead birds.

We work with you throughout the training process and we have multiple training sessions during the Retriever portion of Training. We are happy to work with you after graduation should you need additional assistance.

Pricing for a 6 month old dog is $2,500.00,

Dogs over 1 year old or those who have been in the field previously must be Evaluated for GunShyness and may incur additional charges.


Pointer Training

Generally an addition to Obedience, Retriever and or Obedience and Retriever.

Dogs are Whoa broke, and learn to be Steady for Wing and Shot. They learn to Back, as well as the Come, Whoa and Heel commands. We evaluate with our Intro to Retrieve as well. At the end of Program your dog will be prepared to Hunt alongside you for Upland game.

Pricing varies from $600 to $1,200 depending on Training Package, etc.